Other areas of support

Benefits for using ABI Staff

QuickBooks Support

  • Less money than an employee
  • No employee taxes and insurances
  • No paid vacations to consider
  • Support your clients better with our team
  • Book keeping versus your accountant
  • Buy a block of time as you need
  • We bill in quarter hour increments

Book Keeping

  • Proposal creation
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Collections
  • Answer calls for your business
  • Build out and manage simple website
  • Serve as a sounding board
  • Manage projects and other staff
  • Microsoft office suite support

QuickBooks is an amazing tool to support and run your business through and our staff is very proficient in QuickBooks. By the way, they have a great online service.

Our virtual staff  can provide you  with the same service for less than it cost a full benefit employee. Only use us when you need us. Buy a block of time that is billed in quarter hour increments.

Payroll Management

Small Busniess Support 

Virtual Office Support

Our staff can manage your company books at a far less cost than an accountant or dedicated employee.

Our staff can manage your payroll with less hours than it takes other payroll companies and we do it at a much more affordable rate.